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Criminal Law is a system of laws which is concerned with punishment of individuals who commit crimes. Indian criminal laws are divided into three major acts i.e. Indian Penal Code, 1860, Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 and Indian Evidence Act, 1872. Besides these major acts, special Criminal Laws are also passed by the Indian Parliament.

Indian Penal Code formulated by the British during the British Raj in 1860, forms the backbone of criminal law in India. Yende Legal Associates has team of the most experienced and efficient criminal advocates for any cases whether it is for bail, anticipatory bail, quashing of FIR, or anti-corruption cases before the Sessions or before the High Court. If case is of paramount importance, YLA may refer case to eminent senior counsels lawyers, if necessary, after consultation with clients.

Civil Law is the system of law which is concerned with private relations between members of a community. The object of civil law is the redress of wrongs by compelling compensation or restitution. The Law relating to the practices and procedure to be followed in the Civil Courts is regulated by the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908. The Civil Procedure Code is a general law and will not affect local or special laws which are already in force. In case of any conflict with local or special laws, the local or special law will prevail over the Civil Procedure Code. In case, if the local or special law is silent about any particular issue, then the Civil Procedure Code will apply.

The Civil Procedure Code has been amended several times to meet the needs and requirements which are dynamic and changing from time to time. If you are looking for civil lawyers or need advice for civil related cases please contact us. Our areas of specialization are :

  • Filing and defending Civil Suits.
  • Sale and purchase agreements relating to property matters.
  • Disputes relating to sale of immovable property.
  • Matters relating to lease, charges and mortgages of property.
  • Property registration, verification and scrutiny.
  • Drafting and registration of all types of document.
  • Legal opinions relating to civil matters.
  • Matters related to exchange, gifts, and actionable claims.

We are a professionally managed law firm who focus towards guiding and assisting in corporate matters. We appear for our clients before various Courts and Tribunals. Our goal is to provide outstanding legal solutions with a strong emphasis on our professional ethics. We provide legal advice through our well-informed, accessible, teams, which strive to provide the highest quality of service to our clients by listening, understanding their needs, responding promptly and living up to our commitments. We have a well-qualified and experienced team of lawyers who are experts in their own field of practice.

We handle corporate matters such as:

  • Start-ups, Formation of Company, Partnership
  • CSR issues
  • Mergers, acquisitions and other transactions
  • Dissolution and transfer
  • Agreements and contracts
  • Business formation
  • Intellectual property
  • Employment and labour issues
  • Consumer disputes
  • Arbitrations and mediations

The Consumer Protection Act, 1986 (CPA) has been recently repealed by the Consumer Protection Act of 2019, which made law more comprehensive, inclusive. The Act that provides for effective protection of interests of consumers and as such makes provision for the establishment of Consumer Commissions, Councils and other authorities that help in redressal of consumer disputes and matters connected therewith. The CPA seeks to protect the interests of individual consumers by prescribing specific remedies to make good the loss or damage caused to consumers as a result of unfair trade practices.

We are dedicated for advancing the rights of consumers, consumer protection and consumer dispute resolutions. We address all the consumer law related issues like building construction, medical negligence, airlines, railways, transport, etc. and has good success rate in this field. We also provide related consumer law services. If you are looking for consumer lawyers or need advice for consumer related cases kindly contact us.

It is stressful to buy or sell property, which involves rigorous formalities. It involves the negotiations, the financing, and the verification of documents and let’s not forget the legal processes which must be handled during the transaction. As a lawyer handling real estate issues, we have keen into the often-complex selling/buying process, landlord/tenant matters and property matters.

YLA’s well experienced team give individual attention to all the clients. We provide proper  strategy to the client in the property matter. Our team is well versed in scrutinizing the all documents related with property are essential procedure for avoiding all further complications, threat and risk involved with the property. We have experts to deal with consumer law issues, RERA, transfer of property issues etc.

We handle legal matters such as:

  • Property / flat verification, transfer
  • Preparation of sale /rent /mortgage /lease / will deeds
  • Negotiation during sale of property
  • Verification of title of Property
  • Registration of property transactions

Our law firm whose mission is to help men and women who are suffering due to broken marriage, to help them to resolve their Family Law related issues though caring, thorough and belligerent legal representation. We are here for you in every step of your legal proceedings. Our focus here is to help our clients heal their past, remove the unknown from their present, and strive in their future. Our team promises that we will make sure that our clients know exactly what their next step is.

Our Legal team is well experienced and expert and give individual attention to all the clients of family matters. We provide proper family counselling, mediation for those clients who approach us. We closely monitor all the cases that we handle.

We handle legal matters such as:

  • Petitions for Divorce, Restitution of conjugal rights etc.
  • Prenuptial agreement and separation agreement.
  • Custody cases
  • Mediation and Counselling
  • Maintenance

YLA has professionally competent lawyers to deal with Intellectual Property law matters. We rely on efficient and timely service to our clients. We take effort to address problems of our clients with immediate solutions in a cost effective manner. We advise on various legal, commercial and compliance issues relating to Intellectual Property.

Intellectual properties matters include:
Patents, Trademark, Copyright
Industrial Design

Our Patent Related Services are:
Prior patent searches, Drafting and Filing Patent Application
Dealing with documentation work, Patent Prosecution support
International Patent filing and formalities
Filling Demand for International Preliminary Examination

Our Trademark related services:
Trademark search as per classification, Application filing
Assistance for international trademark gateway, Domain name issues on Trademark
Trademark prosecution, Brand valuation, Trademark Renewals

With the advent of information technology and the increasing power of computers, the Internet has such a tremendous impact on the way we live. In fact internet crime, which refers to any illegal activity that involves one or more components of the Internet, is one of the fastest growing crime rates in the country. There is a wide range of activities utilizing websites, chat rooms, email, among others, that can be deemed as a crime. YLA has experts to deal with issues of Cyber crime and cyber Investigation :

The following are some types of Cyber-crimes:

  • Hacking
  • Changing, damaging, copying or stealing software or data
  • Maliciously embedding malware or a virus on a computer system
  • Cyber stalking
  • Computer & Network Intrusion
  • Identity Theft – occurs when someone steals and uses another’s personal information without their knowledge to commit theft or fraud
  • Phishing, Cyber Terrorism
  • Cyber Espionage, Online credit card fraud, Cyber defamation

If you are you facing an internet crime charge or you are a victim of such crime, you can approach us. We have a well organised team of lawyers who can help you to come out of cyber-crime related cases. Our team of Cyber Lawyers provide services to corporate and individuals in recovering losses due to Cyber Crime and provide Arbitration and Conciliation Support.

There has been tremendous rise in accidental cases, and consequently compensation matters. However, car accidents which result in physical injury, fatality, or other significant damage can’t be handled alone and may require the legal representation of an experienced accident lawyer in Maharashtra. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 is an Act of the Parliament of India which regulates all aspects of road transport vehicles, replacing Motor Vehicles Act, 1939 which earlier replaced the first such enactment Motor Vehicles Act,1914. For exercising the legislative provisions of the Act, the Government of India made the Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989.

There are many amendments in the Motor Vehicle Act, and rules. Recently, it has been amended by the Act of 2022. There will be a jump in the fines you will pay. This has been implemented to enhance the importance of road safety. The governments are working with multiple camera set-up companies to install new CCTVs on multiple signals, on the highway to monitor speeds and traffic rule breaking phenomenon. We will help you get compensation or to recover from any damage incurred due to the accident, such as medical expenses, car repairs and lost wages. Please contact us for any problem related to compensation and its claims.

Labour law is concerned with the rights and responsibilities of workers. We deal with all issues related to Labour law. Also provide advice and legal services in matters relating Contract Labour Act (1970), Minimum Wages Act 1948, The Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923, The Payment of Wages Act, 1936, The Factories Act, 1948, The EPF Act, , Weekly Holidays Act 1942, The Bonus Act and the ESI Act, and other labour issues, with the help of our expertise people.


Some of the Key Services our Lawyers Provide are :

  • Disputes relating to breach and non-performance of contracts.
  • Specific performance of contracts
  • Fraud, mistake and cheating
  • Matters relating to recovery of debts, cheque bouncing etc
  • Matters relating to Agency-Effect of contract on matters of agency
  • Sale of goods, Partnership and Registration of Trade Unions
  • Matters related to Indemnity, guarantee, bailment and pledge

Legal aid is the provision of assistance to people otherwise unable to afford legal representation and access to the justice system. Legal aid is regarded as central in providing access to justice by ensuring equality before the law, the right to counsel and the right to a fair trial. Article 39-A of the Constitution of India, provides for equal justice and free legal aid:

The free legal service is an inalienable element of ‘reasonable, fair and just’ procedure, for without it a person suffering from economic or other disabilities would be deprived of the opportunity for securing justice. The Legal Services Authorities Act, 1987 made drastic changes in the field of legal services. Out team provide legal aid and advise to poor, weaker section and needy people, after scrutinizing their credentials and economic position.

A writ is a formal written order issued by a Court. Any warrant, orders, directions, and so on, issued by the Supreme Court or the High court are called writs. A writ petition can be filed in the High Court (Article 226) or the Supreme Court (Article 32) of India when any of your fundamental rights are violated. Public Interest Litigation is directly filed by an individual or group of people having public interest, in the Supreme Court of India or High Courts, whenever there is violation of fundamental rights of citizens, and they are unable to approach court of law due to certain disabilities like poverty, ignorance etc. It is a judicial creativity and new legal horizon in which court of law can initiate and enforce action to serve and secure Public Interest.

We have experts to file Writ Petitions, before the Supreme Court of India or High Courts, as the case may be. Some members of our law firm, successfully files PILs before the High Court, Human Rights Commission.

Arbitration and arbitration is gaining importance in India due to huge pendency of more than 3.8 crores cases from sub-ordinate courts to Supreme Court. So it’s necessary to have a proper ADR mechanism in place for faster resolution of issues. Arbitration in India is regulated by the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996. In 2002, Section 89 of the Indian Code of Civil Procedures was amended and has provided for alternative dispute resolution methods such as arbitration, mediation, conciliation and pre-trial settlement methodologies.

The present Mediation Bill 2021 is an umbrella legislation with the objective to promote, encourage and facilitate mediation especially institutional mediation for resolution of commercial disputes and personal disputes. Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), where parties attempt to settle their dispute (outside courts) with the assistance of an independent third person (mediator).  The Bill seeks to promote mediation (including online mediation), and provide for enforcement of settlement agreements resulting from mediation.

We have experienced professionals to deal with arbitration and mediation to settle the disputes of all kinds, including national, international commercial arbitration. Our law firm in joint collaboration with Government Law College, Mumbai decided to open mediation centre in settle the matters, with assistance from experienced professionals/experts.