Collaboration With NGO's

We are socially conscious about sense of responsibility towards community. YLA has always collaborated with charitable organisations, not-for-profits, social enterprises. Due to our commitment to social responsibility, we serve “pro bono” legal services to needy persons. We work with NGOs like Global Vision India Foundation, Citizens Forum For Change in social projects. Our professionals volunteer to provide education and mentoring support to downtrodden children in identifying career options, and overall personality development. We are also working towards capacity building of child-care management, legal aid, legal awareness, and bringing justice to the doors of common people. So we collaborated with some NGOs.

Global Vision India Foundation

Global Vision India Foundation (GVIF) has been established, with the object of inculcating global vision in various aspects of life, to strengthen understanding of India in the international community, and to project it as a global leader in various sectors, through various projects.  GVIF’s vision is to provide excellence and world class education, building careers of students/youth, to cater needs of globalization and 21st century. To implement programmes for women, children, youth, to provide access to higher and advanced education, for poor, needy and downtrodden students, to identify their potential and provide them opportunities accordingly.
It is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, the Bombay Public Trust Act, 1950 and granted exemption S. 80-G of the Income-Tax Act, 1961. It has been granted consultative status by the United Nations in 2015. It runs YouTube Channel “ Borderless Life Education” to create awakening amongst people about developments
at local, national, and global level. It’s representatives participated in the various conferences organized by the UN, acted as Panel Member in conferences on diverse topics. It has been awarded “Mahatma Award” in 2019 for outstanding contribution in social work. 

Citizens Forum For Change

Citizens Forum For Change (CFC) is a leading voluntary registered organization devoted to the cause of common citizens and organizing various activities at various levels. It has achieved credentials in the society due to innovative projects. Through public interest litigations and various projects, it has brought changes in unjust policies of the government, tried to minimize inequality in society, exposed corruption in public life, redressed grievances of citizens. It has acted as a liaison between people and Government.